All items will be securely packaged and shipped out promptly. For Domestic shipping we ship either USPS Media Mail (delivery in 3 to 10 days) for $7 or Priority Mail (delivery in 1-3 days) for $12.00.  For International orders we either ship First Class (for items under 4lbs) for $24 (price can vary); or Priority Mail International flat rate (up to 4 lbs) for $30 Canada; $40 Europe/Asia. For heavy or  oversized items we will contact you should there be a need for additional shipping. For other rates/methods (UPS/Fed Ex) please contact us.

Terms of Sale

Orders from Hermitage Books are processed solely according to our terms of sale. No attempt to impose any other terms or conditions is valid. No employee of Hermitage Books is authorized to modify our terms of sale.

There are express, implied, and in some cases, unforseeable restrictions on the use of the copyrighted information, images, and other intellectual property contained in the physical products which we sell. These restrictions vary widely in the numerous jurisdictions and countries in which our customers live or operate.

We caution you that you must obtain proper permission to make use of said material (beyond personal use). We have no influence or control over same, and thus the liability for your copying, repackaging, resale or other use of same is and will remain solely yours, and under no circumstances will we indemnify you or any third parties for the use you make of intellectual property contained in the books we sell you.

What we sell is the physical item of a book, which (in many cases) will contain intellectual property the ownership of which is or may be claimed by others (whether copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise).

We accurately describe the condition and price of the book and ship as instructed with charges as specified. If not physically as described, the books are returnable on receipt. That is the only warrantly (express or implied) which we offer or extend, and it is customary in our industry that this is the case. The sole liability which we will offer, extend or accept is for the sale price of the item. No other costs or claims arising from use of, or inability to use the products we sell are valid. Any claim not made within 7 days of receipt is null and void.

We do not ship books 'on approval' (except where noted on our page for libraries). We accept only the following payment methods: Credit card, PayPal (a PayPal invoice will be sent upon request); checks, wire transfers, and money orders. We will also (subject to approval) bill libraries. We do not accept C.O.D. orders.

We do not offer any warranty as to the accuracy of the contents of the books and other items we sell. Use the information contained in them at your sole risk.

We sell only physical books and other items for personal, private use. We do not own, nor can we transfer to you, the right to use or resell the information, data, programs, images, or other contents or features of what you have purchased from us in any shape or form.